20KVA to 200KVA Industrial UPS (3Ø – 3Ø) – NSP Series


  • Designed for powering critical Industrial and IT systems
  • DSP controlled IGBT based PWM technology
  • Design topology enables N+1 parallel redundancy
  • Industrial grade high speed CAN bus communication
  • User Friendly Matrix LCD and LED mimic front control and digital monitoring
  • Fully rated make before break maintenance bypass operation
  • Optional break-less load transfer via static switch
  • Low harmonic distortion
  • High crest factor tolerance and dynamic stability
  • Lower TCO
  • Continuous full rated power at ambient as high as 45°C
  • N+1 Parallel operation of UPS without any common hardware
  • Advanced Communication Capability (RS485/Modbus/SNMP)
  • High branch fuse clearing capacity
  • On-line battery bank test without load disconnection
  • Compact, elegant, and light weight enclosure
  • Easy installation with wheels for maneuverability and front bottom terminals