Autocompute LCR-Q Meter Sorter – Model 4912 / 4912PR



  • Microprocessor based Fully Automatic L, C, R, Q and D measurement
  • Autoranging with Direct Digital Readout
  • 4 Terminal Measurement Technique
  • No Tuning or Balancing
  • Series or Parallel Equivalent Measurement
  • Absolute Value and Nominal Value with Percentage Tolerance
  • Single / Multiple Parameters Check During Component Sorting
  • Feather Touch Keys with Audio Feedback
  • Thermal Shut Down for Overheat Protection
  • Special Mechanism for Fast and Easy Insertion and Removal of Test Component
  • Low Cost and Portable
  • Component Sorting on Absolute or Nominal Value Basis with a Percentage Tolerance
  • Aplab Model 4912PR is Remote Programmable Auto Compute LCR-Q Meter Sorter, Which can be Programmed through GPIB, RS232 or SPIB Interface