Battery Capacity Analyzer – Model BCA6/12M


  • Instant Measurement of energy stored in a storage battery
  • Tests 6V or 12V Lead Acid Batteries from 2Ah to 100Ah Capacity
  • Suitable for any SLA, GEL or Car Flooded Batteries
  • Displays DC Voltage and Balance available Ah capacity of the battery
  • Shows the Internal Resistance of the battery
  • Powered by the Battery under test
  • Micro-processor based digital control of entire testing process
  • Specially designed 4-terminal probing Battery Clamp of 100A capacity
  • Test simulates 20-Hr discharge test (C/20) with a few seconds
  • Bright, back-lit LED Display for test process display
  • On-screen User Guidance for testing on the built-in LCD Screen
  • Easy to use, portable and robust housing in a custom extrusion