Everest-plus Series, High Range – 100kva To 300kva (3ph-3ph)

Models and Range

  • EP 100
  • EP 120
  • EP 160
  • EP 200
  • EP 250
  • EP 300


  • State of the Art IGBT Technology
  • Double Conversion Technology with >94% Efficiency
  • Digital Signal Processor Controlled (DSP)
  • Low Input Current Distortion – Green Mode
  • Capacity Enhancement and Redundancy Guaranteed by Parallel Systems
  • Power Economy with ECO–Mode Configuration
  • Reliability of the Battery Ensured by Neo-Charger
  • Fail Safe Battery Back up
  • Meets all EN Standards for EMI/EMC
  • Synchronization with External Source
  • Comprehensive Communication Solutions
  • Built-in Galvanic Isolation Transformer
  • Expandable and Variable Battery Banks
  • Incredibly Compact and Light
  • Low Installation and Operating Cost

EVEREST-PLUS uses the latest and most efficient topology integrated with the IGBT PWM technique to provide high current delivering capability while protecting the system against excessive instantaneous overload. The use of digital signal processors and the implementation of advanced manufacturing technology such as surface mounted devices, SMDs, have reduced the number and the size of the Printed Circuit Boards. This enhances the system reliability multifold.

The reduction in the number of components has resulted in higher reliability while increasing its immunity to electromagnetic disturbances.