Multi Kilowatt CVCC Regulated Industrial and Military DC Power Supplies – KWDC Series


KWDC Series of multi-kW range regulated and variable DC power supplies are solid state units utilizing thyristor technology in a single and three phase full-bridge rectifier topology that offer constant voltage control, constant current control, automatic crossover, series regulation, DC filter, digital metering and various operational and protective monitoring features.

We manufacture DC regulated variable power supplies with power rating from 5kW to 200kW. These are designed to meet Industrial or MIL spec complied versions for Military Applications. The Power Supplies have high efficiency, precise regulation and low output ripple and noise. KWDC Series Power supplies are available in ratings from 5KW to 200kW with current ratings up to 2000A.


KWDC Series of Aplab high power DC power supplies and systems are rugged high-power DC Sources that are today being used in several industrial, research and military applications including electrochemical, steel, welding, plating, circuit breaker testing, bus-bar testing, desalinization, aircraft engine starting etc. Each unit is based on standard designs and precision engineered to meet your specific application. These are ideal for use in chemical, automotive and Industrial application such as Electro-coating, Anodizing, Plating, Cleaning etc and also as high power DC testing source in wide variety of Industries and Test Houses.